About Mizzou Cycling

The Mizzou Cycling Team is a nationally ranked collegiate team active in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference and across the country. We are a part of the Mizzou Club Sports Federation (MCSF), and are members of the National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA), which is the collegiate division of USA Cycling (USAC).  The team is a school sponsored club with approximately 50 members who ranging from recreational riders to category one cyclists.  Like all student run organizations, we embrace an open door policy for new members. This means that any student with a passion for any and all types of cycling, who will represent the club in a positive way, is encouraged to contact us and join at any time.



Meet Our Officers

Tom Dyer - President

Tom is an avid mountain biker with years of competitive experience. That doesn't keep him off the road though! If it has two wheels and goes fast downhill, Tom will ride it.

Andrew Voth - Vice President 

Andrew is a decorated mountain bike champion with more than a few enduro titles under his belt. A student in MU's Physical Therapy program, Andrew is the team doctor, whether he wants to be or not.

Petey Botts - Treasurer

Petey is Mizzou's king of cross and is involved in several local cycling clubs. If you see a pink blur fly by on your left, you've likely just been passed by Petey's pink machine.

Andrew Sigala - Risk Manager

You can usually find Andrew working hard to improve Mizzou's mountain bike trails. Though prone to jumping obstacles and popping wheelies on a whim, Andrew keeps the team safe by managing risk on and off the trail.

Henry Gentle - Sponsorship Coordinator

Henry is a roadie and everyone's favorite teammate to draft behind. Our resident photographer, it's rare to see Hank riding without a camera strapped across his chest.