New School Year, New Season

The 2013/2014 school year is about to start here at Mizzou. That means that when we're not trying to figure out how to save money on textbooks, the new officers are working behind-the-scenes to pull things together and get organized for the upcoming year and fall collegiate mountain bike racing season. A couple of us went around today putting fliers on bulletin boards in whatever buildings on campus we could get into promoting our meeting this week.  


What's happening in the next few weeks? All kinds of stuff; that's what.  

  • Monday August 19th: School starts. In case you didn't know.  

  • Thursday August 22nd:  We have an informational meeting Thursday night. It will be in the Skybox which is a fancy name for the conference room in the back of the Club Sports offices on the second floor of the Rec. We'll put someone at the top of the stairs to direct you to the conference room in case you're not sure where the Club Sports offices actually are. We don't know what time the meeting will be just yet, but it will be either 7pm or 8pm. Club sports should be letting us know on Monday. We'll update when we know. The meeting will last about an hour. We'll be giving out general information about the club, group rides, the upcoming racing season, and fielding questions, if there are any. 

  • Wednesday August 28thWe're going to be at the Mizzou Club Sports Fair in the MizzouRec from 5-7pm. We'll have some bikes to draw the eye, current jerseys to gawk at, all kinds of information about the club and the upcoming season, and some officers/members to whom you can ask whatever questions you have in person. 
  •  Thursday August 29th: We'll have a second informational meeting for anyone who didn't know about us in time to make the first meeting (read: all the people who we con into coming during the Club Sports Fair). It'll be a condensed version of the first meeting. We're going to figure out a time and place for this in the next couple of days.

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 29th-September 1st:  Our first race of the 2013 Mountain Season! Are you stoked? We're stoked. The race is being hosted by The Ripon Redhawks Cycling Team. They're in Wisconsin. This means that we're going to Wisconsin. Come to one of those meetings we mentioned to figure out how you can come with us on an awesome road trip and race bikes. Rumor has it that it's one of the best race weekends of the season, aside from our own. The races they're running that weekend are: cross country, short track cross country, downhill, and a relay race. We'll drive up there on Friday, and drive back on Sunday. It's Labor Day weekend, which means you have no excuse not to go since there's no class on Monday.  

That's most of the big stuff that's going to be happening through the beginning of September. We're going to figure out our group ride schedule and get a bunch of those going soon so that we can all get to what we like doing instead of homework (hint: it's riding bikes). We're hoping to have some sort of organized ride five days a week. It'll be a mix of road, mountain, and cyclocross. 

See you at the meeting on Thursday; don't forget to check back to find out what time it is. 

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