A Meeting, a Fair, and a Race Weekend

A Meeting,  a fair, and races?! That sounds too good to be true. It does sound fanciful, but it's all happening. And soon. As in it's all happening over the next three days.


Unfortunately there are no carnival rides. We're kind of bummed about that, too. We'll be at the Mizzou Club Sports Fair in the Mizzou Rec complex TODAY from 5-7pm. If you want information about us, swing by and check it out. Please come check it out; even we don't want to stand around for ~2 hours and not talk to anyone. 



We're also having a second meeting TOMORROW night from 8:30pm-9:30pm in the Skybox. If you made it out to the meeting last week then you don't need to attend, as we'll cover the same stuff (you're welcome to come though; we might tolerate seeing your smiling face again). We might go get food downtown afterwords.



The last day to let us know if you want to go to the Ripon RedHawks Romp is TODAY. Seriously, if you want to go, let us know right now so we can help you get the paperwork done in time. It'll be a fun time, we promise. Here's the flier for the racing this weekend.