Meeting Tonight at 8:30

Reminder that there's a meeting tonight. It's at 8:30pm in the Skybox in the Mizzou Rec building. The skybox is a conference room on the top floor of the Rec in the back of the Club Sports office; it's not too tough to find. If you made it out to the meeting last week, you needn't attend as we'll be going over the same stuff. It will be a basic, non-commitment, informational meeting. By non-commitment we mean that we won't make you swear a blood-oath to join us just because you came to the meeting. We'll discuss what we're all about as a club (spoiler alert: it's riding bikes), what we have going on this semester (group rides, races & whatnot), next semester (whatnot, a different kind of racing, and group rides), how you can get involved, and what exactly "getting involved" might mean for you. 

We're also going to try and have a couple group rides this weekend for anyone who isn't going on the race weekend up in Wisconsin. We're thinking Sunday at around 10:30am and Monday morning at a time we haven't figured out yet. We'll also be starting up our regularly scheduled group rides this coming week, so keep your eyes out for a shiny new "Schedule" tab appearing on the website in the coming days.